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    I just wanted to check in with my family here on the BOC. I haven’t been online much, but when I have been, I did check in here at BOC. I have been reading the post and I guess just sort of keeping my mouth shut. Not that I wasn’t interested on wasn’t more than happy to see all the post. I guess I am just ‘off my feed’.

    I am working the 2nd shift at the factory where I work and have been putting in some long hours. The company decided that 6 of us to run a second shift and we have been working real hard to fulfill what the company thought we could do. But I guess, even management in ALL their ultimate wisdom, finally decided what we already knew, that 6 workers couldn’t do all that a full shift of workers could do.

    Therefore, management decided that they would hire us some new help. I don’t know quite how to say this, but for those of you that do know me, I will just tell it as it happened.

    We were working 9 hour shifts and one of the new people they hired us, was a man that had worked at the plant some 20 years ago. I tried my best to get along with this man, but something in the back of my mind kept telling me to watch him. After about 2 months, that goon got to showing his true colors. It started with him asking me to marry him, every night he would ask me. I got so that I wouldn’t even speak to him and would ignore him. One night as I was working on my machine, I noticed a ‘red dot’ coming along the floor towards me. I hit the ground and rolled three time and came up behind a 50-gallon trash barrel. That idiot was setting on the fork-lift with a red dot scope. I knew what it was when I saw the red dot on the ground coming towards me.

    Then one night on my way home, I stopped off at Wal-Mart to get some groceries. When I came out, and was walking to my truck, I noticed something funny under my truck. As I got closer, I noticed someone was under my truck. I looked around in the parking lot and knew it was empty except for a few cars and I didn’t know what to do. So I waited for another man to walk out of Wal-Mart. I waited for this man to get close to me, I told him someone was under my truck, and would he please just stand there and make sure I got safely inside my truck. For once I could get the door open to my truck, I was going to be able to protect myself. And asked him if he would call 911 on his cell and tell them where we were.

    I got to my truck and as I was slamming my clip into my Mini-14, the person under my truck, grabbed my ankle. I just stood there and waited. The man under my truck came out and never turned loose of my leg. I stuck the barrel of the gun right between his eyes. The man had his face covered with a ski mask, but in the back of my mind, I knew who it was. The man ran behind the store and by the time the law got there, the man was gone.

    Therefore, for 2 weeks I was scared to be at work and even more afraid to leave work. The law would be at the end of the parking lot, waiting for me to leave work and they would have officers along the route that I travel to get home.

    Then I got Angry. No, not angry, I got mad. I have a lady friend that tells me only rabid dogs get mad, that folks get angry. I told her that she was probably correct, for I was rabid and I was MAD!!!!

    I talked to management about the problems I was having. I told them of the man at work that was harassing me and how he would put his hands on me. After 3 hours in the office of trying to get management to do something, they got angry at ME over it. I lost it then. I had a regular hissy fit inside that big office, told them all what I thought of them and then proceeded to tell them that IF they wouldn’t take care of it, that I would. They told me if I took any action towards this man while there at work, that it would cost me my job. Then I lost my mind. I called the plant manager a boil on the ass of humanity. I then stomped out of the office, walked outside and smoked two smokes and tried to calm down. I really expected management to fire me for walking out during work hours and having a smoke. I even went as far as to file a formal complaint against the man through my work place. Management just looked at me funny and they told me that they didn’t think I was afraid of anything, be it man or beast. I told them not to patronize me and to quit blowing smoke up my butt.

    Later on that very night, this man hemmed me up behind the machine, and it was running and I had no way to get away from him. He kept walking towards me. I couldn’t get away from him, for if I tried to move 2 feet any direction, the machine would get me. So I reached down and got hold of one of the 35 pounds steel arms that hold the material on the reels and grabbing it like a baseball bat, ready to feed it to him, he backed off.

    Management finally suspended him for 2 days for that action, for another co-worker saw what happened.

    He came back after 2 nights and I knew I was in deep trouble, for the man then had it in for me.

    I then went to the law over this guy and they informed me that I could file some kind of charges against him, in which he would be served with papers and if he so much as ever tried to do anything wrong towards me away from work, then he would be arrested.

    He kept running his mouth against me and the lady that told management what she had seen. So he got suspended for another 2 days. DAHHHHH

    When he came back that time, it wasn’t pretty. My husband then bought me a cell phone and wanted to know if I wanted him to take care of this guy for him. I told Darrell, No; I would take care of it myself. I know Darrell was worried, mad and just flaunting at the bit to get hold of this guy.

    I guess when the guy came back after the second 2 day suspension, that he being the idiot he was, got to telling folks how he would get even. It got back to management and they finally fired him.

    I am still carrying my Mini-14 in the truck and I don’t go out at night blundering around like I use to. A lot of my co-workers know the Mini-14 is in the truck, but there isn’t anything they can do about it, for it isn’t loaded. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the clip is on my person at all times.

    I am just laying low and not trying to cause any fuss. Management is still put out with me and they haven’t replaced the guys position at work yet, which is making it harder on all of us. I am carrying my load and trying to help others at work get their work done. I feel bad for making it harder on my co-workers, but I ain’t about to let some scum run over me like that.

    I have been afraid to even walk out of the house at night to go to the truck to get something. This has been going on for about 5 weeks now. Last night after getting home from work at 2 a.m. and actually running to the front door to get it open, I got inside and set down in my chair. When Darrell called from his work to see if I made it home okay, the phone ringing made me jump. I really got MAD then. I refuse to live being afraid to get out of my truck and walk into my home. I refuse to be afraid to sleep in the camper at night when it is raining so that I can hear the rain hit the tin roof. I REFUSE to let some boil on the ass of humanity make me live in fear.

    I AM BACK. I am not going to hide anymore and I AM NOT going to keep my happy butt in the house for fear of some idiot.

    I have missed all of you and guess what.

    I AM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK.:tounge_out:

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    WOW AND HOLY CRAP, I am sorry that your employer didn't realize the seriousness of the matter. It could have gone really, really bad(worse than it already was). It is scary that there are people out there that have no grasp on what is real, and when they go crazy everybody thinks that YOUR crazy. I hope that you never see this man again.

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    YOU GO SISTER!!! It really maddens me to hear something like that happen to anyone especially a sister. Stand proud, walk tall, keep packin and be careful....This scum will get whats comin to him soon enough. Lets just hope its not you that has to give it to him. Just try to keep in well lit places and never be alone while hes on the loose. You are in my prayers. Hope this guy gets put in his place soon.
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    Thats the sassymanxlady I know. GO GIRL.
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    Good to hear they fired him Becky. Hopefully you don't have to see this guy again. Glad your back.
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    Nice to see ya posting again.
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    Thank God you're Alive and I give God the Glory that he made you a Red Head!! I always heard from my Mama that you don't go messin with a red head your story just proved it. I seriously have been missing you and your hilirious stories,but this one was far from hilirious. It angers me to the core that there is slimeballs out there that just love to harass,rape and kill helpless women.I am so thankful that this slimeball came out from under your truck with a gun pointed right between his eyes.You are a very gutsy lady and I am proud to call you my BOC Sister. I am also so very thankful for your childhood. You were throughly trained in guns ,the outdoors,and I feel on self protection.As Leslie said STAND TALL Sassy!! I'm just bursting with pride for you. That Butthead has a prison cell or grave waiting on him eventually. For your sake I hope he is swiftly caught,and is unable to ever make any woman afraid ever again!! So glad you are back!!:cool2::cool2::cool2::big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:
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    Stay strong, stay smart, and stay safe! Life throws some screwy things at us; some are saddening, some are frustrating, and some are frightening. It's how we deal with them that matters. You did good.
    Hang in there, and do whatever it takes to have your peace of mind.
    Glad you're back, we will always be here for ya!
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    Wow thats quiet a deal. Hope everything works out for ya. May have to call Bubba!!
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    Holy crap! If you had put a mini 14 in my face I sure would have gotten the hint! Pieces of crap like this guy are what give us all a bad name. Way to hang tough!