Checking Bilge Pump Connections (Alumacraft)

Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by FishinginDavenport, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I read in another fishing site posting that someone had purchased a new Alumacraft and after using it on the Great lakes and a few other places discovered that hoses to the bilge pump had been left unattached. The poster had sent Alumacraft an email and he also posted thier reply which didn't sound like they were too concerned. Being a new Alumacraft owner this sure got my attention.

    This applies to everyone though. How many of us have checked the hoses at the bilge pump? Are they attached, weak or have loose fittings? Dry land is a good place to check it out not when you are in the middle of a body of water and get hit with that summer downpour or junior with his high-powered toy decides to send a small tsunami your way.