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    This wasnt too serious but it could have been worse. Went out last Sunday to hunt and got everything ready. I went to grab my gun and carry it on my shoulder. The top swivel attachment on the front of the stock gave way and my gun goes barrel first right into the ground. I look down and my barrel is plugged with mud. Great, Im thinking, hunts over but I take the antennae off my truck and it pushes the mud out. I cut a piece of cloth and push it though to make sure there is no mud left in it. I wasnt able to hunt out of the stand I wanted because I didnt trust the swivel to hold so luckily I had a ground blind still ready, didnt see anything. Im just glad it didnt give loose as I was pulling it up the tree and could have damaged my gun.

    Just wanted to give a reminder to check out all your gear before going hunting. Anything can come loose or break and ruin a hunt or worse.
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    yeah, i have a sling on my 870 with the swivles on the stock and magizine cap. i check it everytime i pick up the gun by the sling cuz you can never trust a gun when it comes to safty. one of the things i learned in my hunters education corse is this:
    "A safty is a device thats prone to fail, treat the gun like its off safe all the time." we had to write that down 25 times and turn it in the last day of the class, i sure didnt forget that after i was done:tounge_out:

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    Very true I am sure we have all been guilty of rushing to much and paying the price. Probably one of the worst I had seen was when I was going fishing with my buddy. We had a nice conversation while pulling the bait to the lake and when we arrived he backed the boat down the ramp and reached for the keys. They were still at home of course so we went back and grabbed his keys to the boat. We got a later start but still managed to have a nice day and bring in some nice bass. Of course if this was something important like the first aid kit and we needed it. Then it could have been worse. Thanks for the reminder!
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    Thanks alot guys for your saftey tips. It shows you care and you don't want any of us to get hurt. I for one appreciate it and consider it a very valuable post reps to ya all!:big_smile: