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    ah, eyes are opening! i imagine this thread is going to dissapear soon:big_smile: it wasnt until recently that i saw tons of evidence that has changed my mind about the whole "911" incident. for one i at first thought something was fishy due to some very unusual "aircraft activity" in the 3-4AM hours on 911 here at Wright Patterson AFB, i lived right in the flight path at the time. its not just me, my neighbors were awoken by it also. i wont discuss this stuff on here for not wanting to upset folks, but things just artent adding up! p.m. me for links to stuff.

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    That is kind of wierd now that you think of it. But I do remember seeing parts of the plane.
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    In the past most people have been willing to accept things from our government on "blind faith." When president Kennedy was shot, they came up with the" single bullet theory", which seemed very stupid to me. And then, to top it off, thay sealed all the information so no one could read it for close to 100 years. My guestion is,"WHY?"

    The government has been accused of cover-up's so many times I've lost count. They like to use the term," Plausible denial " Remember Groom Lake ? Our government flatley stated it didn't exist, but there it was. The Russians even knew where it was. Also, since it didn't exist, it wasn't bound by any environmental Federal laws. OUCH.

    What really rubs me is, these people were elected by us. What/who gave them the right to do as they please, when they please and to whom ever they please? They (??) tell us to get out and vote. Yea, right. We have been doing that for decades, and it hasen't changed anything. In fact, it's getting worse.

    Thats all I have to say about that.
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    If something like that size of a plane had hit I think the wings would have seperated on the first impact. Plus the building should have some visible evidence when the wings did make contact even if the walls had been granite there still would be something. IMO I think it was possibly a missle shot from a smaller plane. But then what do I know.

    I was in fighter squadrons in the navy and helped type out AAR's (aircraft accident reports). Even burning JP5 jet fuel burns there is still lots of the plane left.

    I'm thinking there is some cover up and the government don't want to admit that it is possible for someone to shoot a missle inside the perimeters of the country without being caught
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    Yeah I have looked at some things on the net, one of them was a gas station owner who had security tapes taken by the government. His cameras supposedly caught some of the footage as the "object" hit the penatgon.



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    Well is was a plane I have a buddy that was there when it crashed. But even the one in PA there was very little part of the plane left.
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    Personally, I am sick of the whole "cover-up", "mind-control", "conspiracy" crap. The plane flew over one of the most populated and developed areas of the country. It flew right over one of the busiest freeway interchanges in the country. I know 6 people personally who witnessed the plane and the crash. THOUSANDS of people saw it hit the pentagon, but of course they won't quote THOUSANDS of people. They will only quote one or two crackpots who don't know an airplane from their left big toe. Hundreds of photos and hours of video was taken of the crash sight immediatly after it happend, but again, the wackos don't show all of that evidence. Just one or two photos that appear to show "no wreckage".
    As Tim said, the plane that crashed in PA hit nice soft ground, and there was not squat of it left. The pentagon is one of the most solidly built buildings on the planet.
    I mean come on. Lets quit listening to these crackpots and accept what happend. This is almost as bad as the people who said thelanding on the moon never happened. The "expert" they like to quote for that bit of rot live in and trailer in the middle of the desert with 95 cats.
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    I liked where the guy said he could smell the cordite uhhhhh wrong type of bomb dude, High Explosives (Military Grade) doesnt give off that type of smell