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Check this Boy out

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Got these Pictures This morning. This was Taken about 5:45 In the Morning down in Blythwood Sc. I do plan on Letting this one Live 1 more Year before i take him. Got some Good Blood with this one. Tell me what you guys thing.
Oh yeah and the other 2 bucks in the Area Dwarf him. have yet to get them on Cam yet .
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Very nice pics. Red!
Hope to see what he looks like next year.
I got one like that as well that im going to let go for anouther year or two i hope noone else shoots him it would be a shame. I cant find the pic right now but i will post when I find it.
It's Satans pet! :eek:

Very nice pics, awesome job. I have a new desktop wallpaper now. :cool:
now thats a Christmas Tree ...

great pics ... if you dont get him this year I hope he makes it throu season he will even be BIGGER next ....
how ya gonna cpr that, lol. nice buck. should make a nice trophy for the pool room or whever ya have the collection.
That is one monster buck man. How did you get those pictures?
That will be one very nice buck in the coming years hope nothing happens before you can harvest him.
that's gonna be a bruiser next season hope you get the chance next season. i'd still like to see the ones that dwarf him...john
nice deer, i bet he will be a giant in a few years, man this cold weather is giving me some hunting fever. im sitting in my camo coat right now! cant wait till rifle season.
very nice deer but you can tell hes very young, yes i would deffinitly wait till next year or maybe even two years if hes on your property. dont you just love the deer cams.
Just as a Update. Those other 2 i was talking about. I took one of them the Night before last. he went 152 B&C and Weighed in at 249 lbs. The Base of his Horns had a 4" Diameter. I didn't get any pictures after the Kill because of the Graphic images The shot Made. . I Shot him at 25 Yards with my .270 using a 185 Grain Cartridge. The meat all turned out Salvageable but Needless to Say that was the worst Deer i have Ever had to Clean. The Hydrostatic Shock Turned his Innards to Mush. Very Graphic i know but That was the worst Smell i have ever been put through. As Soon as i Get him Mounted i will Post some Pics . He's well worth the 350 Dollars to get him Mounted.
I Might Have Been Worth The 5 Dollars To Join In The Boc Big Buck Contest To Try And Win The Free Mount....john
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