Check out your local k-mart.

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    Not advertising for them but was in one of the k marts around here on wilma rudolph and happened to look at their fishing lures. And as usual it was all unorganized, had to check the prices on one of the scanners myself. C:wink:hecked a wa hoo jig a big one 20 cents, zoom soft lures 40 cents so I went back and worth atleast a dozen times and came away with between 35 to 50 dollars worth of lures for about 6 dollars. I asked someone who worked their about the prices and was told the reason some are so low and others are not is they usualy don't carry all the items they currently are and would be reducing even more. Don't know if the k marts are like this in your area but worth a look, as for me I will be back this friday night to check.
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    Years ago, before our store turned into a "super walmart" they would run specials like that on fishing equipment. I had a couple of high school friends who worked there, and they'd give me the heads up when it all went on sale. When those sales hit, $20 could buy you an enormous amount of tackle. We would look like a bunch of women at a shoe sale, grabbing everything we could get our hands on, and snagging them all up 4 or 5 at a time.

    Now that we are a "super" walmart, they don't have those type sales. I guess if you want to find those, you have to go to a kmart. Bummer.

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    I know where I am going after work! Thanks for the heads up. :)