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Check it out!!!!!!

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Check out the Big Buck Contest on the Hunting side of the house a great contest and good prize. You never know you might win. Now I know this is a catfish site but there are alot of you out there that hunt as well. Dont be put off thinking you wont win you never know thats why they call it hunting and not killing. So come on fellers join us in the Hunt have some fun and maybe you will win a free mount..
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Hey Chuck, thats a very nice donation on your part. Thanks
Do you do Doe mounts, LOL. After all, That's usually what I go after. We got some nice bucks up where I hunt, but I don't get the time to do my homework, what with it being a 5 hour drive away.
Kutter you win with a doe and Ill get it mounted for you......LOL

Good luck on your hunting this year maybe next year we can have a hunters gathering.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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