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Cheapest source for ugly stik tigers

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nyone know a cheap source for ugly stick tigers? Or the most affordable I should say. Thanks for the input
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Like Lee, I purchased the 2 I own at BPS for $65 I believe. I haven't looked much lately, but when I was buying and looking, I couldn't find anywhere that sold them for less.

There was a few for sale in the "buy/sell" section, and they seem to pop up more often then not, so that might be the only way to get a bargain (Even then most still want around 50).

On another note, My tigers are my favorite rods, but I've fished with buddy's that fished big games and whatnot for less than half the price and they get the job done just like mine. So if you can settle for maybe a ugly catfish, that could be a option to spend less.

Maybe if you send a PM to ramon06, he might be willing to sell his, if he hasn't already. (Think he may have more rods than he can use)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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