Cheap Way To Spool Line

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    Original post made by Joseph Scott(Misterwhiskers) on January 8, 2005

    Heres a very inexpensive and practiccal way of spooling them reels.
    You'll need some new line,at least 1 reel,and that big phone book they send to your house each year.
    Not only is the phonebook FREE,(I love free things)and helps with spooling your reels,it's also a great reminder of when to respool each year!

    After you have your rod and reel cleaned,lie the book on the floor opened up in the middle of book.Lie the spool on floor at top of book and run the line through the book and out the bottom.
    Close the book and rest your foot on it
    Tie a knot on the spool and reel it all in!