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    i am looking for a cheap truck here in Oklahoma sold my truck in november do to i had a company truck that i drove for a few years and my suburban was just sitting and rotting away so i sold it to the kid down the street that begged for it and low and 3 weeks later i lost my job and the company truck did not want the job anymore but did like having the truck lol so know i need to find a truck so i can go and get a real job again full size or small it don't matter
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    Define cheap.

    And are you able to do repairs on your truck or do you send them to the shop?

    For $500 you should be able to get into something that runs....BUt you will be working on it alot. Around $1000 or more you should be able to find something that is semi-reliable.

    I would keep an eye on the paper. We bought an old toyota car from a lady who was pregnant and really needed to come up with some cash. If I remember right we got it for $400. It had a few problems that she could not afford to fix with shop rates the way they are. I don't think it cost but $100 in parts and it was running like a champ in under 3 hours.

    Let me know how much you are wanting to spend and I may be able to find you something. Me and a few friends have a shop that we work in our spare time and come across some good deals. For instance I can get an 1990 full size Bronco for $800 with a new motor.... motor needs to be put in.There are a few other problems but they are not bad. I would say for a bit over $1500 you could have it running and get a set of used tires on it.