Cheap sinker ingot mold...

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    I melted some 80lbs of wheel weights down the other night, and on a whim beforehand while I was at Wally World I picked up some of those miniature bread loaf pans for ingot molds. They come in a 3 pack, cost $2.50 cents, and come in mini loaf, muffin, heart, and mini bunt (boat anchor maybe?) shapes. Forget who the company is to save my life.

    Anyhoos, they work really well. I tried a muffin mold one time to make ingots and the lead stuck in the mold so bad I literally had to destroy the pan to get the lead out. No problem with these, I just waited till the lead solidified, and quenched them in a bucket of water. Flip them over and the lead ingot pops right out with no effort and the nonstick coating isn't damaged! (I'm amazed... oh yeah make sure to thoroughly dry them out between ingots or lead will go flying everywhere when you pour them!!!). Each one makes about a 7.5 pound ingot.

    Just thought ya'll might want to know if anyone is in need of some cheap ingot molds.