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    We regularly have people asking about equipment.Many are starting out in life,fishing,or both.Some of us are near the end of our life,fishing or both.The rest are in between.Many have a limited income.One of our sponsers,Catfish Connection has on sale a Johnson Maxxum spincast reel for $12.95,and a Master casting rod for $12.95.$25.90 total.The reel comes with 14lb.line and is rated for 150 yds.of 20 lb.The rod is rated for 10-25 lbs.I have 4 of the reels and 2 Master rods.They are a very cheap,simple and easy to use outfit.They have been great for the new,the young,the old and infirm.(thats me)I am often able to use them,when I am unable to use my exspensive outfits.I am not saying that they are the best rig out there.I am saying that I have found them to be a great rig,in every way,for the money.They are great, affordable spares,learners and loaners.peewee-williams. ps,please move this,if it is in the wrong place.
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    peewee, great information. Thank you very much.

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    Awesome recommendation, Peewee!
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    Great evaluation Peewee! Not everyone can afford to plunk down $100.00+ for an outfit, especially when your getting equip for kids, family, etc. Just because some of us can doesn't mean everyone can.

    I just bought 2ea of Zebco 33 Platinum reels and 2ea of Zebco 733 Platinum reels for gifts to my brother & sister-in-law. I plan on mounting them on suitable rods so they can fish for panfish as well as cats with me.

    I have many Ambassadeurs, etc. However, they are not really suitable for beginners & people who are not dedicated fisherman. I figure they can use them with minimal instruction and I can also enjoy the trip & not make it work for us!:) This way I can visit and share my passion with family!

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    I agree! Awesome recommendations. Too many people get all caught up in the gotta have expensive gear that they only use every once in a while.
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    Thanks for the info PeeWee.

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    Good info and that is a great place to get started and see what you really want to use later.
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    I probably caught more fish with a cane pole with braided line on it than with all the other stuff I ever owned.
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    Pee-Wee...... It's a good thing to me to see someone talking about a setup that all can afford. We all know Abu's and Penn's are good reals. But not everyone has that kind of ching in their pockets. I found a reel at a great price from Academy..... It was a Southbend 5 or 6 ball bearings, alluminum spool and a spare graphite spool. Granted I bought it for the wife for lure fishing and it's recomended max. line size is 12 pounds. Get this.... I only paid $12.00 for the reel. Had an extra Mitchell rod with a nice cork handle that I took the reel off of and paired them together. It cast great, has an awesome drag, and the retrieve is unmatched by any of my reels with a perfect anti-reverse.
    I'm not going to say that a cheap (affordable) piece of equiptment is for everyone. But look at it as a wristwatch.... We have all have had cheap ones that looked good. And some of us might have a Rolex or really nice Cartier. Point being is that my cheap watch keeps just as good time.
    I also urge those interested in more affordable reels to look at some of the Southbend line. Sure... The springs may be a smaller gauge wire and there may be more plastic/graphite parts. But with that being said. I can afford to replace it every year or two as a preventitive measure. Shoot I could leave it at the lake and not get upset about it. Why would I spend 100+ dollars on a reel that performs the same as a 12 dollar reel.
    BTW..... CatfishConnection I belive carries Southbend products although I can't find my catalog to be certain. And another favorite of mine is the Shakspeare Tiger Spinning Combo. Cost around 20 dollars and the reel has NEVER failed me and the rod is a great rod... I have had the tip touching the handle and not even a slight cracking noise from it.

    David Frantz
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    I have some similar rigs to the ones you have mentioned. I got two of the big Shakespere push button combos for my wife and they work great for her. She can't do the whole bait caster thing yet.
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    I agree if you want to go w/ a spincast reel you dont have to go w/ alot of $. I would say though, if your a newbie & wanting to buy a baitcasting reel, but the best that you are comfortable with/or can afford. If your catfishing tighlines, it's not as big a deal, but if your fishing for other fish such as 'Eyes, Bass, Pike, Muskie, etc... then the more expensive reels are usually better because of things like bearings, brakes, etc.....
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    Good Info. Pee Wee , Greatly Appreciated.