Cheap, pay for itself plier accessory.

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    I don;t know the right place for this as it is great for all repairs.How many times have we all nicked,scared up and sometimes ruined something with a pair of pliers?Sears sells a "Craftsman Plier covers,5 piece set" Sears item #00945446000 Mfr.model #45446 on line and in their large stores. The whopping price of $1.99 for a set of 5 (10 pieces) for upper and lower jaw is far cheaper than the damage you will cause without them.From holding a small part for reel cleaning to large polished surfaces,they will save you from damaging many things.We called them "Soft jaws" and had to make them out of sheet copper or whatever we could find.These are a convenient slip on plastic.I love you Brothers and Sisters.Peewee