Cheap hundreds of tiny to T-nity orifice cleaners

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    Ever need to clean a plugged jet or orifices on various lanterns,stoves,carb.jets,etc. and had nothing small enough?We all know that the exact size is best,but how often do we have the exact size and would settle for anything tiny enough to go in the hole?Below is listed two wire brushes that I have picked up at welding supply carriers and these wire brushes have tiny bristles that can be pulled out of the back of the new clean brush for orifice cleaners with a pair of channel lock pliers by grabbing them close and then rocking the pliers back wards using the top jaw as a lever to pull the bristles.Pull enough for years and put them in a clean pill bottle.The Stainless steel one is larger and the brass one is smaller and easier on brass jets.Label them well as they will last hundreds of years and hold up in tackle boxes and camping gear.They will only corrode if you mix them with other metals and acid or salt.

    Stainless steel bristle welding brush = Brand = EMRO,= #83007,= made in Mexico.

    Brass bristle welding brush = Brand = OSBORN = #253 = Made in USA.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee