Cheap fix for a splashing bait cooler

Discussion in 'Misc Fishing Tackle Talk' started by tbartek, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. tbartek

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    New Germany, PA
    I usually catch some bluegills to take to the river for flatheads and even with the cooler lid snapped shut would get a lot of water splashed out in the back of my van. The family complained on vacation that the van smelled a little "gamey". I thought about different ways to mount some type of baffles inside the cooler I use to transport my bait and my lovely wife said "why not use the pool noodles." So I sacrificed a pool noodle and cut it into three pieces to fit length wise, side by side, in the cooler. Two trips to the river and no splashing problem now. I knew I married that woman twenty years ago for a reason:smile2:
  2. TA2D

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    Sounds like a good fix, I have that splashing problem too.



  3. poisonpits

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    i have the splashing problem to but i can handle that.but you aint smelled gamey yet.i havent been fishing for 3 days and today i went.i got in my fishing van and low and behole it stunk.i looked ever where and no luck so i rolled down the windows and went.i got to the river cought my first gill for bait and opened my bait had a 3 day old dead gill in it.boys thats bad.
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    I did the same thing with my crown victoria....Only it was soured chum...I had a cooler full in the trunk and thought it was dry fish feed...After a week of trying to find out what was stinking in my car. I finally opened the cooler and bam, it hit me like a rock....

    Ok, here's a way to rid the vehicle of smell...Take a pound of coffee(unused) and give the carpets in the floors and trunk a heavy dusting with the coffee and let the vehicle sit closed up for a few days...Vaccum the carpets good and then set off an "ozone bomb" in the vehicle....It will usually rid the vehicle of any smell....Dwight