Cheap and easy livewell tank system

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    I thought I'd share this new livewell system that I just made. This was not my idea due to several of my friends already having these, including fellow BOC member fmac. Thanks to fmac for his help in making this livewell. I did not take step by step pictures during the process but I believe the pictures are pretty self explanatory. This is really a simple job that can be done by anyone.

    First you have to get a plastic 55 gallon barrel and remove one end by using a skill saw. Next you will need a bilge pump and bilge pump kit and some livewell hose. To power this system, I used an end of an old household extension cord and installed a 110 volt receptacle converted to a 12 volt system.

    Items that will be needed for this project:
    Skill Saw
    3/4 wood bit or hole saw
    1 1/8 wood bit or hole saw
    750 gph bilge pump
    Bilge pump kit (3/4 thru hull fitting included in this kit)
    1 1/8 Livewell hose
    1 1/8 Thru hull fitting
    PVC 1/2-1/4 reducer elbow
    Tube of silicone

    After cutting off one end of the barrel, use a drill bit or hole saw and make your holes. You want to space your holes apart about 4 inches with the 3/4 intake above the 1 1/8 outflow because this is gravity fed out and the higher it is the better the flow. After the holes are drilled, put your "thru hull" fitting in and put silicone behind the fitting on the outside to prevent leaking. I recommend letting the silicone set up for a day or so before using. Cut your bilge pump hose to the desired length and connect the end with the fitting to the bilge pump and the other to the 3/4 inch "thru hull" intake fitting. Take your desired length of livewell hose and connect it to the 1 1/8 "thru hull" fitting and the other hangs over the side of the boat for draining. On the inside of the well, you will need a PVC 1/2 reduced to 1/4 elbow to force your intake flow to the bottom of the tank. I used a 110 volt plug converted to 12 volt to power this system. All you have to do is mount your plug where you want it and run a hot and a ground wire from the battery, wire your desired length of extension cord to the bilge pump and plug it in.

    After all construction is complete just hang the pump over the side of the boat, plug it in and watch the tank fill up. After the water level gets above the outflow hole, it should start to drain. If it is working properly you should never have to shut the pump off due to it constantly recirculating the tank water.

    This system is very capable of keeping a five fish creel of over 100 pounds alive and in good condition until weigh in. Ive also tested this system on keeping shad alive. Ive seen it keep a large quantity of shad alive in 95 degree heat all day long.

    See pictures below that hopefully will explain what I've said above.





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    another cheap way for the house live well or boat and bank is to get ya a 50 or 75 gallon horse tank and hook two fish tank airaters up to it and there you go thas all it is i have kept bait alive for weeks at a time the other live well i got is a 5 gallon bucket with two battery operated airaters you can get at walmart for 6 bucks hook them on the sides then take a screen from a old window and cut the holes for your tubes to go threw and you got ya a lid works great.