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    if ya have ever watched a gaf or net go to the bottom of the lake ya might find this a handy idea. i had just bought this silver net at gander mountain. a beckman with the no hook net. (hook proof) ya thirty dollars. i was going from one whole to the next with a 50 hp and took off. after 4-5 seconds, prob 300-400 feet later i looked back. the net was left standing upright at the boats edge.


    i made a fast 180 and went to the spot i had left. nothing. then i seen what looked like a stick. it was the handle. the rubber piece hed trapped air in the handle and made it float long enough to find it. very lucky.

    here's how i remidied the problem. taks a 9-12" piece of a noodle. they can be picked up a dollar stores and 1 will make 3-4 of these depending on the length cut. slide them over the handles of frog gigs, nets, gafs, pole lights, oars, and rods ect.... and secure with electrical ties. these cheap foam noodles will support a lot of weight. they just may save your tackle. here's another net i have on my small boat.

    you can put an insurance policy on 3-4 items for only a coulpe dollars. :D


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    Another good way to do this with nets is to remove the caps and fill the handle with "Great Stuff" spray foam insulation. Adds a little weight, but it will float forever!