Chattahoochee river 07 Feb

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    Put in the river at Rotary Park around 0600. I had only been on this stretch of river 1 time and it was around 7 years ago. Well, my trip was good and bad. Nothing went wrong mechanically, so that is always a good thing. The bad thing that happened affected my entire day however. The morning was Cold and a little foggy. Outside temp at 0600 was 31 degrees, water temp 46.8. Well I was slowly going down the river when I saw what appeared to be two logs sticking up in the water. I slowed down some and manuvered between them (about 15 feet wide). I was going about 20 MPH at the time I hit the sand bar that was submerged in about 5 inches of water. I got pretty dang hung up!! Could not push my way out of it with the oar, so I had to get out of the boat. Fortuneatly, I had on my knee high boots. It took me about an hour to get the boat dislodged. When I finally got it free the water suddenly dropped to above the knees. Yep you guessed it....................WET!!! Remember the outside temp is about 31 degrees at this time. The area was marked, but it was dark and somewhat foggy, I didn't not see the buoy.

    So I found the first good looking hole I come to and put out my lines. Then initiated warm up operations. So with no boots or socks on I tucked my feet into the arms of my coveralls (which i had to take off of course) and waited for the sun to pop up!! I did catch 3 small blue cats in this hole, so it was not wasted time. By the time I got warm enough to really get back to fishing, it was about 0930. Found a couple of decent holes but did not catch any more fish. Got some bites from small ones almost everywhere I anchored in. I attempted two drifts, but the snags were kicking my butt while fishing by myself. There was one huge school of "big fish" following a bait ball in about 30 feet of water, but I couldn't keep up with them enough to drift it, they were moving really fast. I had to put my trolling motor on 3 to even stay close.

    I quit fishing just before noon because I never did really get my feet warm. I fished this stretch of river only 1 time when I was here before and didn't like it then. It is not where I "normally fished" when here before, it was the most conveinent ramp and that is why I went there. The holes that I did find were closer to the other ramp anyway.

    Could not get any closer than 200 meters to the low head dam either. Very disappointing.

    Oberall the trip was good and I was very happy to get the boat on the water and wet some lines. Very encouraging for future trips.
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    sounds like you had a bad day fishing:sad2:
    their is a trick to getting to the lowhead dam' and that stretch of river is worth fishing you'll learn the river.
    try the blufcreek area the river is more forgiving (deeper) it is at the lower side of river bend.
    I like fishing at the dam in the spring the most
    for you uchee creek ramp is the best choice to get to river bend
    River bend is a good choice for big fish (watch out for sand bars there also).
    Sorry about the bad day fishing just rember that (a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work):smile2::smile2: