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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Howie Ketchdem, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Howie Ketchdem

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    had good luck this year so far 10 point on nov 16, doe on 19th and girlfriend shot her first deer opening morning. passed up an eight point on the 21st of this month, seems like theres is alot of big bucks still wonderin around. Seen a 10 point the other night with split g2s to make him a total of twelve points.just thought i would check in with the bros and let yall know how the huntins been.
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    sounds like you're off to a great season ,Mickey

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    Indiana, J
    Shoot Richard, sounds like he's HAD a good season, LOL.
  4. Howie Ketchdem

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    Hey thanks for readin bros i forgot to tell yah bout the girlfriends deer 2 year old 8 point it was really cool. I was more exited for her to get her deer than any deer i have shot since my first one. It was opening day, she hunted with me my dad friends Jon,Jeff,brad we all had shots at deer and we all have excuses except for Shawnna she was the only one to get ad deer that day and we all shot at deer!! LOL i was proud as hell of her she dropped him right in his tracks with winchester 1400 20 Ga. shooting 5?8 rem slugger cheapos. anybody who thinks a 20 ga dosent have enough "knock down power" i beg to differ i bought her this gun 3 years ago and fell in love with it, its a youth model smooth bore but that thing shoots groups at 100 yards that you would not believe, i'll hit a milk jug at 125 every time, and have shot 5 deer 6 including shawnnas and every single deer has dropped in its tracks. this year was the first time i actually every had to follow a blood trail on my own deer i was exited to follow it even though i seen where it fell i walked up to where i hit it and followed the trail to it i shot it with Knight disc muzzle loader at 150 yards. she ran about 150-200 yards and crashed, the shot placement was perfect its amazing how tough deer are. ill have to figure out how to get pictures on here. like to here how yall are doin with this huntin season also....