Charlie Brown Circles, sinker slides, bobbers, sickle hooks, and slinky weights

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    Well I ordered some of the products offered by Wild Wolf and just wanted to let everyone know how happy with the products I am. The bobbers, well if you haven't used them you are missing out. #1 catfishing bobber as far as I am concerned. The Charlie Brown Circles are awesome. I think I am gonna use them against the Team Catfish circles and see which one is really better. I just really like the design of the Charlies. Didnt think circles could be much better than Team Catfish but my first impression is that this is the circle that will begin to take back some of the market share from its competitors. Sinket slides are the same as team catfish just a little cheaper. I bought mine on sale. The sickle hooks are great but expected the 7/0 to be bigger. It goes from 7/0 to 10/0 and let me tell you there is a huge difference. Would like to see something inbetween. The slinky weights are great but the clasp is a little cheap. That was the only beef I had with any of the products. Looks like Wilf Wolf has the right Idea. Just get some 8/0 and 9/0 sickles and I think I know who to buy my hooks from for now on. Between them and the Charlies I am impressed. As someone who fishes like its a full time job I will let you know if my opinion changes. Just think these are some products that catfisherman are missing out on.
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    Jake thanks for the order .
    I do have to say on the Slinky weights that little clasp is small and cheap for a reason. If we use a big heavy duty one. Then you do hang that bad boy. You may well rip off the whole rig. But that snap can give allowing you to just put on a new Weight and keep on fishing without re-rigging the rod.
    The people that make the weights supply the snaps with the product. But again for me its going to give where I can replace that part and keep on fishing. These people have used these for years. So I go with what they say works..
    Again thanks for the order. May this seasons fishing be the best every.