charles mill spillway

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    Me and my buddy went down to charles mill spillway i caught two huge drumes weight about 10 lbs and couple lil cats.I went a couple time this week and got skunked whats is happeing to the catfish.i highly dought that the spawn is still in progress. i thought it was over can any body tell whats going on with the catfish:confused2: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Are You A Card Member [​IMG]Sequentially numbered plastic BOC membership cards. The card artwork was authorized by a BOC member then it was shipped off to a graphic designer to add color and customize the design. Cards are high quality plastic with embossed numbering similar to what you see with normal credit cards. The card number you receive cant be guaranteed, its a first come first serve methodology. You can add comments in the order requesting a certain card number, but requests are not guaranteed to be filled. 250 cards are available total starting with card number 20.
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    Norton, OH
    thanks for he input on the spillway. I am planning on going down there soon. I lived in ashland a while and always did well in the spillway. I was at a tournament there a couple of weeks ago and the spillway was off limits.