Channels on the Tuscarawas River

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    One of my favorite baits to use for Cats is Hill shire Cheddar filled sausages. I microwave the hell out of them and use about half of it at a time. I have caught both channels as well as Flatheads using these, I think they are just a magic bait.
    So Last nite I got off work at about 11pm, the rain had just let up from all the really bad storms we had through out most of the area up here. There was even a few tornado's spotted i guess. Well, unlike every other normal person who went home after work, I decided to grab my gear and head to this spot I know of down on the Tusc river. I figured all the rain could have either turned the cats into a feeding frenzy or they were locked up for the night because of all the thunder and lightning.
    The water level was high and running pretty strong from the rain. Its the first time this year I've seen the water level reach over the submerged trees. I was drifting these sausages and some shrimp down through this standing timber and in the course of about 6 hours I managed to hook into about 10 channels all ranging between 2 to 10 pounds. Some of the prettiest cats Ive seen all year. :wink:No, they certainly were not monsters, but the bite was on strong enough last night to make for one of the best times Ive had this summer . I am certainly glad I decided not to just go home last nite. :wink:But anyway, hope everyone is doing well.
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    Good job! hey, When we gonna get out there and get some?

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    They don't always have to be big to have a good time. Great job.
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    sounds like a pretty good night on the Tusc to me !! :roll_eyes: i dont think ive caught more then 3 channels in a night all year so far on the Tusc !!! what area were you fishing ?? i fish from new philadelphia to gnadenhutten quite a bit !! :big_smile: