channels in cold weather

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by master_cat, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. master_cat

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    how do u catch channels in ponds in the winter or blues i need some help im not catching nothing baits rigs anything
  2. curtis keyes

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    i would like to know the same qusteon my grandpa has a farm pond on easton missouri and when the water starts to get cold i use live bait such as small blue gill or even minnows and small goldfish because they are going to start to get fat for winter well i hope that helps u. good luck

  3. Catcaller

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    I catch blues and channel out of my buddys pond during the late winter and early spring by downsizing my presentation. The fishs metabolsim is low during the coldest months. They tend to eat smaller portions because their digestive system is slowed down and they aren't burning as much energy as they do during the warmer months. They will bite just have to find where they're schooled up. The blues will follow wherever the baitfish congregate. I like to use live minnows...two of em' on a #4 baitholder hook...but garlic chicken liver or cut perch or shad is good too. I have had success with punchbaits too. Find the deepest hole in the pond and fish it thoroughly...odds are they're there. A warming trend will make the fish a little more active, and they will search for food. Otherwise you have to go to them. High pressure and cold fronts will turn them off. You should keep an eye on the weather channel and fish previous to the changing weather conditions. The weather conditions are always important...but when you're cold water catfishing they're key to your success.