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Channels in a low lake

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I was wondering if there are any tip or trick anyone know for catching channels in a lake that is really super low?!?!? I wana head out tonight Been really couped up as of late. What kinda bait do you think works the best when the water is low? I was probally gonna take liver, stink bait, worms, minnows, and maybe catch a couple bluegill and use them for cutbait!
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Any of those baits should work. But it's up to the cats and the stress they are under from the weather and water levels to determine if they will bite or not. Try catching some small gills and using them live.

Good Luck!
Will the channel hit live gills when there like that. There probally real slugish and maybe don't wana hit some so big and live? what do you guy think>?
Hey Josh what's going on buddy? I would use sun cured garlic chicken livers if youi want to tear up some channels. I always thread my livers on even though they are tough. Good Luck and let me know how you do!!
Were using liver for shure! Not gonna be cured thoe there in little thing that look like pantyhoes, then will sprinkle them with garlic. I will deffinately let you know how we do.

The cats will probally be on the bottom right?, well with the heat and all. Will probally use a lited bober that slips whatcha think?
Don't discount the bluegill for channels, even the smaller ones. While limblining earlier this summer, I caught a 2lb channel on a 5" bream. It was in a shallow river that was about as warm as bathwater.
i'm with jamey on this one!
also,be very quiet and use little to no light.they will definately be spooky when the water is way down.light lines or a real small diameter super line(i like 20# spiderline stealth a lot)will help too.
Eric B
iv been catching all my channels under low lying trees and flooded timber using cricket or grasshoppers on a slip bobber and a mini lightstick good luck to u man hope u catch a bigun
i just went and ran some jugs the other day and the lake i fish right now is 10 feet low,caught a pretty good channel on shrimp,wouldve probably caught more if i had more time but had to get back.
I would try what you have caught them on in the past first if you have fished the lake before and good luck.
The lake I fish is mostly shallow...deepest water I've found is 12 ft. I've never caught any there on bottom. Usually, I fish from 3ft to 6ft deep in 8-10 feet of water using a bobber. My lake fishes like on that is at a low level. It closes at night and I've found that the cats feed best from 6-10 in the morning and 4-8 in the evening. Think I'm going to sneak in with my kayak and fish it one night...though I don't know if the gators will bother me then.
Can't beat dip baits in low water for channels(heck in any water for that matter. LOL!!!!!!!!!). Everywhere I've fished dip baits have outfished every other bait being used. It didn't matter what other bait was being utilized. Heck, one day a kid used a crawdad for 30 minutes without a bite and he dipped it in the bait and had a bite in less than 30 seconds. That's the drawing power of chum/dip baits. God bless.
LilRyjoe04 said:
Hey Josh what's going on buddy? I would use sun cured garlic chicken livers if youi want to tear up some channels. I always thread my livers on even though they are tough. Good Luck and let me know how you do!!

hey i am a new member as of tonight... i usually tear up channels on homemade blood bait.... it works really good for me in my home state(nebraska) my name is Corey Taylor
goodluck! :D
When the waters are low nightcrawlers work well if you can keep the bluegill off of them.I have good luck with blugill heads and liver as well,its good to have a variety of baits because they may hit on one kind one day and then the next not even give it a look.So really you just have to find what they want on that particular day.
the liver should work. you may want to try the bluegills also. one of the best things i'd try tho is some shad.
In adverse conditions I usually fish a good point near the deepest part of the lake. Try several different depths. Remember their number one need right now is probably finding water that they can pull oxygen out of. Areas that are stirred up by boat traffic or on the edge of a weed bed maybe good to try.
josh u should catching something with those baits.
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