Channels and wind

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Curly, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Curly

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    This whole week, the wind has been blowing about 20 mph over my resevoir. Where did the cats go?.....deep i presume. The biggest problem is the only way i can catch cats in my water is with a slip bobber. Have you guys ever seen a bobber moving up and down on two foot doesnt work. Any advice?...Oh yah its an upland resevoir.....its full of huge rocks that snag the crap out of you if you tight line.
  2. SubnetZero

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    Find a nice flat and "drift" that bobber over it, also try fishing the banks the wind is blowing into.. The wind will push the food that way, channels will follow the food....

  3. tspergin

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    try drifting with a drift sock or make up a couple drift buckets use just enough weight to keep the bait ticking bottom with the hook on a dropper about 8 in to a foot above the weight, it is a very good teqnique for channels in the wind and the bite is usually decent when the water is rough ,hope this helps you out what area are you fishing
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    Big float, heavy weight may help. Also, any of the ways people rig their weights to reduce or avoid snags should work and allow you to fish on he bottom. An easy one is taking a piece of mono, lighter than the main line, tie it to a small swivel, put enough split shot on the mono to keep you bait down, then rig it Carolina styled. Look in the library. Wind is not necessarily bad, it oxygenates the water and is kinda like fishing a moving stream.