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    I have seen several postings in the last few days referring to Channel Cats not biting during their spawn. I am not sure where this idea has come from, but my experience from Lake Erie to Indiana to Southern Florida is that during the spawn channel cats go crazy with their feeding. I have caught as many as 100 in a day in Florida and have seen dozens and dozens caught in northern Ohio during the spawn. Now granted .... techniques for catching them change pretty drastically .... instead of fishing on the bottom for them, I have always fished with a bobber and about 18 to 24 inches deep.

    I would say other than how deep to fish for them you may have to locate their spawning areas which may be different than their normal feeding areas. I have found they will move into pools below fast water and in close to the bank .... a rocky or gravelly bottom also helps. I have caught them using nightcrawlers almost right on the bank. This would usually be a sharp cut bank with the water depth of 3 to 6 feet.

    But guys and gals ... don't let the idea of channel cats spawning stop you for fishing for them, because this is the high time of the year for catching them. The month of June here in Ohio should be the top month of the year for channel cats and some really bigs one will be on the prowl .... so go get them and let me know how you make out...... Garry-
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    we used to float livers under a bobber and just slay them. They seemed like thousands of em in the swift water right below the dam. Sort of easy pickens for a while.

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    Never could understand why people want to stop fishing during the spawn,not all the catfish spawn at the same time! i fish year round,never stop just change tactics! great post Garry
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    good post garry. channels can be caught throughout spawn, most people blame the change in bite or lack of on spawn, but simply the fish have just moved for on reason or another. During the hottest months when water temps are scorching high, these fish can become almost as ellusive as flatheads and very frustrating to catch of any quality, but alot of them just change their feeding habits and whereabouts. The bigger channels may turn to a more nocturnal feeding pattern than in the daytime. They may also lay up close to rifle areas more due to higher oxygen content. So, there is lots of reasons why some could blame they aren't or don't bite during spawn or at other times throughout the year. But simply, just need to look in other areas and change it up a bit... rollo
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    Is that why im not catching no fish..