Channel Cats Driving Me NUTS

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    Dennison, Ohio
    usually this time of year on the Tuscarawas River (ohio) the Channel cats are biting like crazy and they average a darn nice size too. Well this Fall so far i cannot catch a darn channel cat.................actually i cant get a stinking bite...........its driving me crazy !!! its been around 4 weeks since i caught a channel cat !!! at first i thought it was because we had a unusually dry summer and the water levels have been low all summer but now i just dont know what i am doing wrong. Im fishing all of the usual spots...........deep outside river bends around wood and rock and ive even fished shallow rocky area above ripple trying to FIND a few fish and i am having NO luck at all !!! im using all of the normal creek bluegills........cut shad.........cut chubs and gills............shrimp and chicken livers and i am NOT getting bit !!! Maybe im fishing too deep and the fish are still shallow who knows ??? i am totally lost..............i usually have no trouble catching fish from the Tusc, ive gotten to the point where i have to talk myself into going fishing....LOL.

    Any suggestions on what baits and what locations i should be targeting ????

    Oh yeah we are getting a nice heavy rain right now and the river has risen a foot in the past 12 hours do you think this will activate the fish some or will it shut them down even worse ???

    ANY help would be appreciated THANKS !!!