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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Leon the undisputed, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Heading into mendota ca. wildlife refuge this evening for the traditional all nite, going to soaking crawlers in herring oil, then use a threader, the system has been working my most sacred honey hole for well over thirty years now. You must have lit bobber, nite bobby,thill,or even punch a hole in a styro and stick a small light stick in it. Water is only 3 feet deep and you get the big dogs coming out of the channel to feed, stay on the edge is the real secret, and theyll come to you. I expect to be realeasing somewhere between 50 to 70 cats tonite with 30 percent being in the 10 pound class. Be careful how you handle the little ones, and keep some rubbing alchohol for the occasional puncture,when you handle that many you going to get a couple of hand priks sometime during the night, one more, plenty of skeeter repellant re-applied regularly, if the wind stops blowing the will mass literally by the millions, use only small lights to rig lines and dont cast light into the water,(spooks cats every time) Good luck to all , lets go!
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    wow, that sounds amazing!!! I'm goin out tonight and hopin to catch a few, but those kind of numbers are astronomical!!!

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    sounds like a fish fry comin:big_smile::tounge_out: