Channel catfish were biting today!

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  1. Gringoloco

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    Ft. Belvoir, VA
    Went out to a local large pond, around 2pm. Tried some bobber catfishing for a while with no luck. About 3pm went to the standard circle hook, and egg sinker 15" up setup. Put on a big nightcrawler and they were just tearing them up. So I think I have found the bait of choice in the pond. Pulled in 10 channels; 3 pounds and under. I left at about 6pm so it wasnt too bad of a day for only 4 hours. Though I was alittle ticked at myself because I lost a nice one. I was getting little baby hits, and then the rod tip slammed into the water. I took the rod off the holder and ripped it back. It felt like a big bass at first, not alot of fight for cats since its this cold. It was just wanting to go everyway but towards me at the shore. Finally got it up to the surface about 10ft out and I spotted a nice channel on the line, I would guess around 5-6 lbs. And just when I thought I was going to land it the hook popped out while it was rocking its body back and forth. Hook flew into the tree behind me, and made a nice snag in the branches. Cant catch them all I guess but it would of been a nice start off to this season. So anyone else have any luck today?
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    Probably hit a few in the head today. Still a little cold here yet.

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    No you can't catch em all, but still you had a good trip.
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    Whereabouts u fellas been catchin'? I been itching to go out but I'm scared of cold weather!!:)