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    just wondering what a good rod/ reel for catching 2 lb -12 lb channel catfish are. I discovered a Missouri Conservation lake stocked with crappie, bass, panfish, but catfish as well.. Using a homemade doughbait, in the summer time I averaged, on two rods, a bit every hour or so.. Now, it may not sound spectacular but they averaged 4-5 lbs.. I missed a lot of hook sets as well, I may attribute that to my 5 ft rod and my lack of experience of not completely having my mono line tight and yanking.. I guess I'm just used to trout fishing and hook setting a trout 15 feet away in 6 feet deep water, not a catfish 20 feet deep and about 50 feet away from the bank..
    Also, the bottom has tons of rocks and downed timber so I constantly snag my lines and end up losing my bait and hook.. I used a bobber with a distance of 6-8 feet from the bobber to bait, but I know that the lake was a strip mine filled in so some parts of the lake are more than 30 feet deep.. I heard of people using a slip-bobber rig (?) but I don't know how it is made. if anyone can describe and sends pictures that would be most helpful..

    but back to my main question.. what is a good rod/reel setup for good sized channels that makes the fighting enjoyable? i already have the heavy poles, but I'm wondering what some economical good poles and spinner reels (im not a big fan of baitcasters) for channel cat. I currently have a Quantum Pti 10 that I'll probably put 10-12 lb braid on.. i got it on sale for 29.99, i just wish I would have bought more than 1.. For a rod, I mainly have ultralight trout rods with a tad bit of backbone so i do believe i may need to upgrade to a light or even medium light or medium rod.

    oh.. what line and line lb would be good as well for hauling them but in a playful fight?? sorry for the questions, you guys are mighty helpful
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    A good inexpensive rod choice, IMO, would be the white Shakespeare Ugly Stick, about 25 dollars. For the type of fishing you have described it should be more than enough rod. My thought on the line to use would be up to 20 pound test. I have used and like Cajun Red Advantage and igh Seas Red Devil line. Anything with a high abrasion resistance should work for you though. One of the rigs I like to use for areas that high a lot of rip rap to get snagged on is pretty simple, it is as follows: on the main line you can use a "flexible"sinker (can be purchased but most people make them)but a egg sinker are trolling sinker can be used as well, a bead (optional), then a barrel swivel. On the leader, 12-18 inches, I like to put a bobber on to help keep the bait off of the bottom. This is trial and error you do not want a giant cork just big ejnough to float your bait and hook. I used my sink and several different size bobbers to get my desired results. The library has some good information on these rigs and the sinkers. Here is a pic minus the bobber
    A slip bobber rig is just as easy except you add a big slip bobber to your main line and finish as described above and a bobber stop, these can be tied are bought ready to use. While some people prefer a three way swivel I like to keep my rig as simple as possible. here is a pic of a slip bobber rig
    I hope that this has helped you some and Good luck. I am sure that more people will offer you assistance with these questions.

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    Laidbck111 gave you the scoop on what would work well for you from your description. The only thing I would add is that you might try a longer rod for the distances you mentioned because they give you a little more leverage and allow you to keep more of the line off the water. For 50 + yards out, I like to use a 9 foot medium action Ugly Stick matched with an Okuma baitfeeder reel. However, the 7 foot medium Ugly Sticks are also good. They are both in the $30-$40 range.

    You also might try using Power Pro(20-30 pound) or another braided line for that distance, as mono can stretch a little when you try to set the hook.

    I use a leader in the 10-20 pound range depending on the environment I am fishing. I like Silver Thread Excalibur copolymer line, because it is a low stretch, thin diameter/low visibility line that has good knot strength with exceptional abrasion resistance.
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    Some good advice has been given already. I agree with it all. Just remember, It is better to be prepared to catch a record breaker and only catch 5 pounders than it is to be set up to catch 5 pounders and loose the big one because you gear can't handle it.
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    Welcome to the BOC. Use a three way swivel with about 3-4 ft between the sinker and the swivel. make sure your leader with the hook is between 8-18 inches long and that should cut down on the snaggs a bit. I dont know if your shore line or boat so I cant tell you what kind of rod and line to use, but I hope this helps. Oh and switch to cut bait or live fish. dough is more of a carp bait in my opinion. Good luck