Channel Catfish in the Suwannee?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by FLcatman, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Hey all! I've been a big catfisherman for most of my life but since I moved to Florida I've mostly been doing the saltwater thing. My friends and I have been planning on a camping trip up to Manatee Springs State Park on the Suwannee River now that the Florida weather has gotten cooler and we were planning to do some fishing. Anyone ever fish that part of the Suwannee know anything about it? I don't plan on locking into anything huge, but I'd love to get a nice stringer of eaters to fry up at the campsite. Anyone have any good baits or setups to suggests? Or good spots in the area?
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    Nick Welcome to the BOC.

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    Nick Welcome to the boc ask people here they will help rick
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    I've fished in the water at the mouth of the river where it varies between fresh and brackish and caught both channels and saltwater cats...
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    Hey Nick, I have been cattin in florida for a few years now and have always had a tough time finding folks that R&R fish. Most of the folks around here just use limb lines and trot lines. I have never fished the Suwanee river before but I have been near there in the Yellow, Shoal, Choctaw Rivers. I dont know where you are from but these waters are alot different than where I come from. The majority are fast and narrow. They have some deep holes on the outside bends and it seems to be feast or famine with cover. River shiners, down here they call them river roaches are a popular choice, they can be netted at most of the boat ramps early in the morning or late just before dark. Bluegill are good too but you have to catch them on hook and line and cannot use them on limb/trot lines. Shrimp are popular for the eaters. I usually use them DOA bought fresh from walmart. If the river is flowing good check the eddies. I have caught most of mine on the back side of the cover holding tight to it. Also, folks with limb lines have been doing well on the downstream side of the inside river bends where they drop off into deeper water. Dont know if it would be worth it with R&R, thats up to you. If you ever wanna get out and chase some we can get together. Us cat men are few and far between in florida so we gotta stick together. Justin