Channel catfish in Pierre - Missouri River

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    South Dakota
    the channels are biting pretty good in the pierre area down to west bend.
    catching a lot in the 2-5 lb range, I caught one that was 30"/14.5lb last friday. anyone want to go fishing in the pierre area let me know, will take you out if I'm going or point you in the right direction. I am the sporting goods dept mngr at Dakotamart in Pierre.
    Pierre is in the middle of SD right on the Missouri River. The Oahe Dam which creates the Oahe Lake is only 4 mi from Pierre. We are in the middle of the best hunting and fishing in the country. You can shoot whitetails, muledeer, antelope, sharptail grouse,prairie chickens, waterfowl and of course pheasants all with in a few minutes of town. anyone want to come and fish or hunt give me an email and we can set something up. will trade hunts for blue cat fishing in Missouri, we don't have blues in the Pierre area.
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    Hi Keith, Tomorrows the day!! I retire. I live in mid-Missouri, about 45 min East of our capitol, Jeff City. We just had our state gettogether two weeks ago at Truman resivour & I met a bunch of great guys, including Jd Straka (he's not nearly as good looking as that picture he posted). I have my house up for sale & plan to move close to Truman.
    I don't have much experience on blues yet & wouldn't take my boat out on the Missouri, but if you want to come down this way, I know several guys on the board who do know the Missouri.

    I'm thinking of coming to SD for pheasants this fall. I was looking at Day county in the North East part of the state. I just talked to the licensing guy in Pierre today & he game me a phone # for the agent in Day county. I don't know much about SD, but thought that might be a good combination of more game with fewer hunters. What do you think?

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Hay Keith Your Right about So Dakota GRET Hunting and Channel catfishing.I have been in your Store GREAT PLACE. Wallet was Lighter when I left!!! LOL.Now Welcome Aboard. Your New Friend and B.O.C. Brother J.D.
    Hes some Rep.Points to get You Going.
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    Council Bluffs
    I have been up to pierre fishing a couple times..Great fishing...I dont know if you have heard of her or not but Nanette Dailey my step aunt lived up there and we we went up there to see her and when she died i went up and fished a little...I was up there probabally 3 times with a month and a half..Once for the funeral and then the next to to clean the house out and i was fihsing when we were done..I went up to spring creek smallie fishing and got a HUGE carp on a buzz bait and a nice channel.That wa with one of the employes from poetz..His name is kyle i dont remember his last name though