Channel catfish in less than 1 ft of water!

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Howie Ketchdem, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Howie Ketchdem

    Howie Ketchdem New Member

    LAst night i was fishing my way down the river trying some new spots from the bank. I found a spot on the river that kind of swings off to one side of the river its like a pool black silty type bottom with very little current i casted out and instanly caught a 5 pound channel sat back down and rod went off again, it was non stop action for 2 hours caught 8 fish 9 lbs being the biggest but the crazy thing about it was its less than 1 foot deep every time i would get a bite the fish would thrash around sounded like i was top water fishing it was awsome, i think what the deal is, is this spot is down stream from a little dam and i think it gets alot of fish and crawfish in it cause of the slow current, i went back today in the daylight to scope it out and could not believe how shallow it was i admit i would have never fished this spot for channels if i did not know how deep it was, I was just blind casting over to some log structure that i could vagly see. it gets down to about 6 inche3s deep 20 feet down stream from this spot and i swear i could hear catfish coming up stream in the rapids i think with that little bit of water there they must have been able to pick the scent trail up very easy. let me know if you have ever had a similiar instance or if this was just a fluke thing where i happened to catch a few cats moving up to the dam
    Thank bros
  2. Prowler

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    It's funny how sometimes the fish do what they want to do, rather than do what we would expect them to....:crazy:

    I would imagine that you would never see a fish over 1 inch long in that spot in the daylight.... but i guess come nighttime those cat's must be looking to hit the crawfish / minnow buffet line!!!! :big_smile::big_smile:

    As long as there biting, keep giving em some bait!

  3. Ol Man

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    I think they scour the river banks at night lookin' for food. As a young'un I used to set out diddy poles with about 4-5' of line and catch 'em all night long. Checked 'em every couple of hours.
    If swimming is good for your shape, then why do the whales look the way they do?
  4. splitshot

    splitshot New Member

    Thats interesting Mickey. I know of a spot Just like the one you described, but have never fished it. Im thinking maybe i should give it a try at night!!
  5. Arkansascatman777

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    I catch more fish in 2 and 3 ft. water than i ever do in 30 ft. And i'm not talking about just eaters, we've caught 30 and 40 lb. fish in shallow coves and flats. The King Kat Classic was won in 1 to 3 ft. water this year.
  6. jerseycat9

    jerseycat9 New Member

    Oakwood Georgia
    Mickey I had a similar experience the other night at a smaller lake I fish.
    I was of course swinging for the fences with every cast and was getting minimum action. I had reeled in a pole all but halfway from where I had casted it when I got a tap on another pole and set that one down and wham almost lost the pole I had reeled in. So I cast one of my other poles in that same area and didnt even have time to set the pole in the rod holder. Me and my friend wound up catching 7 nice sized channels when all was said and done and not one was further than 20ft from shore and deeper than 2 feet. Now had I known they were on this flat the whole time feeding that way they were we could have tripled our catch before we left
  7. Howie Ketchdem

    Howie Ketchdem New Member

    Yeah i was pretty amazed my self to have done that well, it was so cool when they hit that bait you could actually hear em splashing when they would run with it thats how shallow it was, oh and by the way i was using cut gills but i kept that night the first channel cat since i was a little kid and he had parts of a crayfish and a huge crayfish in his gut when i cleaned him so if you can get you hands on some crawdads i think that is what they are targeting on those flats.... good luck fellas
  8. ozzy

    ozzy New Member

    Lost Wages
    I catch more channels in very shallow water at dusk and dawn than any other time of day.
  9. jason454ci

    jason454ci Active Member

    Zanesville, Ohi
    We caught a ton of nice sized channels in the spring this year at KY Lake in a foot or less of water. This spot was at that back of a huge shallow bay. You could here them all night long just rolling around. They seemed to be gorging on shad back there. Never would have thought we would have found so many nice channels in that shallow of water. They averaged between 7 and 15lbs. I would say the spot that you found must have a good food source in it right now.
  10. LandsCats

    LandsCats New Member

    North Dakota
    There are spots on the Red River that are like this spot. We like to us floats in less then a foot of water. We land many cats over twenty pounds on these trips. Can't wait to do it agan next summer.
  11. CaptainBrad

    CaptainBrad Active Member

    North Dakota
    Many people underestimate the really shallow water. I have seen eater sized cats in 8-12 inches of water on a 90 degree day feeding like it was their last meal. Most of us think deeper in the day and shallow at night for more species than just catfish. I have been burned on this many times. I have noticed when the shallow water is really going fast and furious (especially in the morning or evening) I will see birds feeding on minnows in these shallow areas. When you see that hang on to your poles.
  12. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    i have caught many channels and flatheads in a part of the Colorado river that is about 30 ft above a pool that is 12 ft deep. the water i am catching them in is about 1 to 2 feet deep. i thihnk they are congregating in the pool and then moving up current to my bait. i dont care as long as i am catching them.
  13. bigredcatfish

    bigredcatfish New Member

    The shallower the better. I have caught not only big cats in a foot or less. When they are feeding or spawning you can catch them shallow. When the water gets warmer, around 80 degrees or hotter I have to switch to drifting. In the fall I go back to the shallows.
  14. Zebco 33

    Zebco 33 New Member

    I've caught alot of channels and flats in the shadows of Rend lake and just channels in small lakes in very shadow waters in the winter times. I'm talking Febuary and very early March. My guess is that they are feeding and warming up, because it was in the later afternoon.

    I used live shad or minnows on a short leader with enough split shot to cast. Sometimes I would put a bobber on it to keep it off the bottom and out of the muck.

    One time the line hit the water and I never saw the bobber! I had a 3# flathead hit it like a bass.

  15. crappieguy

    crappieguy New Member

    Manitoba , Canada
    I've mentioned before that most of our large cats this year were in water that was about 2-3 ft deep. This is lake fishing that I'm referring to, but it's a sand flat dropping off into darker safer waters.
  16. hillcountryfishin

    hillcountryfishin New Member

    Cpat. Brad has it right....:wink:egrets,blue herons aren't there out of chance..they are on the shores for a Follow the bait find the fish. Shad are usually blown up near the banks and the birds are getting their fill along with our whiskered friends.
    I fish 6 ft or less most of the year . Wind blown banks and birds play a big part in the scheme.
    If the wind is non existent, we usually find fallen tree tops, logs or rip rap and pitch punchabit under a bobber near these structures with good success. but it's all done shallow 3 ft or less.
    Good posts
  17. Rhinocat

    Rhinocat New Member

    North Dakota
    some of my best spots are in 1-2 ft on the Red River. inside bends..

    even during day light hrsd..
  18. River_monster91

    River_monster91 New Member

    central kansas
    yea i caught an 10 lb'er is about a foot of water at the wildlife refuge. then one night on the river my bait hit the cliff like bank and dropped into what is like 8'' of water and 5 minutes later i hauled in a 4 lb channel cat. crazy what them fish sometimes do
  19. Dadoftwo

    Dadoftwo New Member

    Oklahoma City
    I guess I should pay more attention to extra shallow water.
  20. dust777man

    dust777man New Member

    Caught fish like that 2 times this summer. It was in about a ft of water. Fish fought hard and it did sound like I was topwater fishing. Was alot of fun.