Channel Catfish bait?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by OttoDita, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Ontario, canada
    Well, I realized today there are no flatheads in Canada, so I think this story applies to channels.

    I bred reptiles for few years and fed them mice and rats. Well, I kept a couple rats as pets (cause they are cool). Well anyways, there is this creek close by that a couple of the older folks around here talk about having cats in it.

    So anyways, I had the rats out playing with the one and it nipped me. So, I grabbed it and said "I should feed you to the fish!"

    Well, it that point it hit me. People are throwing smelly punch baits out in the water, chicken livers, cut baits. Why would a rat not work? It should give off a different scent than what the fish are used to (Or so I hoped).

    So anyways, I had some frozen rodents in the freezer still from a year ago (That my wife has been at me to get rid of for a while. Pretty much for a year lol) Anywho, I took a rat out and went to the creek.

    I stabbed the rat (So the juicy goodness can get out) then hooked it through the belly.

    Well, after.....15 mins or so. Line starts peeling off my spool (I had the bail open, since I don't have big cat gear). So I closed the bail and had drag set pretty loose. So there was a lot of pull and line pulling out. Then, nothing! I pulled it in and the rat was still there. But was kind of squished.

    Cat? Just grab it and pull and let go?

    Got grabbed by something for sure. Had I used a bigger hook, propper gear, let it sit longer maybe?

    Any thoughts?

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    Absolutely a fish will hit a rat..They make bass lures that look like rats and mice..I was working on this golf course once and they had an old stack of wood near one of the ponds..I was told to move some old wood somewhere else to burn..As I was moving this wood there was a nest of mice and rats in it and I would smack them with a piece of wood and toss them in the pond.I started hearing splashes and started to realize something was hitting the rats and mice on the pond..I must of tossed in at least a dozen and they were all snatched up as quick as they hit the water..What ate them??I don't know but they did have some big lunker bass in there and some cats..

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    could have been a turtle,or a large cat that couldnt seem to get it all in its mouth to get a good hook might either use a bigger hook or cut your rat up into pieces,you could have better luck that way.