Channel catfish as bait

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by mte, Sep 11, 2009.

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    I see all kinds of discussion on bait preferences for flatheads but I haven't seen anyone mention using small channels as bait. Has anyone tried them with any success? They are much easier to come by than bullheads.

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    id try it if i was tucked away from the warden lol

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    I have only done it a few times. On accident both times. I was trying to catch some bluegills or small drum while fishing for flathead in the Ohio River. But instead of replenishing my bait bucket with gills or drum I ended up catchin a half dozen small channels. I got 3 good runs but none landed. I mentioned it to an old timer at the bait shop and he told me it was due to their long pointy spines, they open up when in a fish's mouth and it prevents from getting a good hook set. After thinking about it, it makes sense because I usually hook my bait behind the dorsal and on a channel it would be like attaching a needle sharp tripod to your hook. The old timer told me to use a pair of wire cutters and snip off the spines and they will still live longer than a bluegill. Seams reasonable cause the bait shop is plastered with pics from the old timer with massive cats, he knows his stuff.
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    Gotta pass this idea up altho stands for good reason it should work.
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    my grampa and me were running lines and had a small channel cat on one of our lines set in a log jam, we left it on there and were gonna get it on the way back, well we came back and gramps went to go take it off, he lifted the line out of the water but instead of a little channel cat there was a big ol flathead hangin of the line, he must not of had the hook in his mouth just the channel cat cuz he startet spinnin and my grampa got a f in right in the leg and the flathead dropped off leaving us with a mangled little channel. im guessing the flattie was around 20lbs. man id like to get ahold of him again.
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    There was a story in the local paper about a kid catching a huge flatty not far from my house. He had set out a trotline before a rain and came back the next day and it was full of fish. Near the end of the line he had a 50 sumthin pound flatty that had eaten a 3 pound channel that had gotten caught on the trotline.