Channel Catfish and using Bullhead Catfish for bait?

Discussion in 'LOCAL PENNSYLVANIA TALK' started by RebelMan, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. RebelMan

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    Did you guys ever have any luck with catching channels on live bullheads? I know that you guys catch flatties on bullheads but can you catch channels on bullheads? Because I'm trying to pull out a big channel outta the susky where I live and I'm brainstorming on what to use. Any suggestions on what to use to get bigger channels? I already used live bluegills, cut bluegills, live fallfish, cut fallfish, creek chubs, cut creek chubs, shrimp, live trout (which was awesome:smile2:) and some other stuff.
  2. waynesburgjay

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    never tried them live but I used the cut. Caught some nice channels on live fallfish though.

  3. RebelMan

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    I have a few ideas for bigger channels.
    Live Trout (7-8inchers) Live Bullheads (5-6inchers) Live Crappie (5-6inchers) Live perch (8inches) Live Sucker(8 inches) <-- Only thing is suckers are SO HARD for me to catch. and i'll be using my fav. bait Live Fallfish(6-7inches) and live Bluegills (3-7inches).

    my pb is is 9lb8oz. My goal is to get one this year over 35 inches or over 13 lb. I'm gonna have to try lots of things this year untill I find what works or just get lucky:cool2:. OR Stop fishing local and drive to the delaware river or skuky.
  4. Skammer

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    Sounds like you have used almost anthing that should work. Keep at it, I know you're going to get lucky one of these days!
    I have been trying to get a 36 incher for the last few years & will keep trying 'till I do!
  5. kenlaw76

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    S.E. Pa.
    You just have to experiment a little. Channels will eat just about anything it can fit in it's mouth.
  6. Fishing Addict

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    Spring Church, Pa
    My biggest channel a 17# 30" was caught on cut creek chub, I also caught 2 other channels both over 25" that night. For me large chubs cut in half have been my go to bait for bigger channels.
  7. Pip

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    Adam, the Upper Potomac where I've fished all my life is flooded with bullheads, what some call mudcats. I've tried them as live bait the smaller ones, 3 -4". I've never really had any luck with them fishing for channels. Keep in mind now, i'm no expert or professional. I've had better luck using them as cutbait. Surprising enough not the head either. Just the section that contains the guts. This I attribute to the blood drawing them in, which you could get with most other types of cutbait.

    Something else that makes me think the bullheads aren't the ticket is.... there have always been a lot of bullheads and channels in the upper Potomac co-mingling. If the bullheads where a direct meal favorite for channels the numbers would probably show it with the bullheads disappearing by the numbers.

    i guess I'm just not convinced the bullheads are the ticket for channels. Not like they are for say, flatheads. Maybe somebody else has had better luck fishing bullheads, I just haven't seen to where it is a go-to bait.

    Just my 2 cents.