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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Salmonid, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    I really got hooked on using circle hooks this year for channels ( Thanks Dink!) and I notice that every so often, the circles tend to get the channel either close to or in the eye. Anyone else have this problem? I probably took 60 channels this year ( and 16 turtles) and only lost 3 hooks that were swallowed and all of those were the 3 snappers I caught. All others were in the corner of the mouth but a handful were close to the eye. I almost always use a Gama Octopus Circle in a 4/0 because the majority of these cats are from 3-6 lbs. Sometimes Ill go down to a 2-3/0 if I think smaller fish are at play with the baits, I might mention that the smallest channel I took this year was about 2 lbs, biggest right at 10 lbs.

    I might add that it doesnt seem to matter if I hook them early or let them tug for a while, same results.
    My bait is usually cut or frozen shad in the 1.5" square chunks, about 1/2" thick, hooked in the corner through two points of the skin.

    Has anyone else figured out how to avoid the eye hook? would smaller hooks work? Im open to any thoughts, advice or criticism you got. Lets hear it...

  2. shortbus

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    I'd have to say use a smaller hook. I'm thinking the 3/0 might keep this from happening because of the smaller gap. Maybe even use the 2/0 but I wouldn't go any smaller than that on the size fish your catching.

  3. benneeb0y

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    i've only been using circle hooks for the last couple of fishing trips. caught three this weekend with them and one was hooked rite below the eye but in the eye socket. And another one got reeled into about a foot from the shore and jumped off the hook. Looked that the hook half way penetrated the bottom jaw. im guessing it's hit or miss with how they are hooked. any ideas would be helpful. im usin 5/0 hooks. i will try some 3/0's.
  4. catman849

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    I've only used circle hooks on a handful of occasions but I use Kahle hooks a lot and seem to have this same problem with hooking cats in the eye. If anyone can solve the circle problem I'm sure it would work for the kahles too.
  5. tnkatman

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    Hey Mark, I'm In The Same Situation As You, I Pretty Much Went Exclusively To Circles This Year And I Noticed That I Was Having The Same Problem With Hooking The Fish In The Eye Or Very Close To It. The Only Thing I Would Think To Do Is Use A Smaller Hook But The Only Problem With That For Me Is I've Hooked A 1# And An 8# On The Same Night With A Gama 7/0 Octopus Circle, The Thing Is I Think You Would Need That Bigger Hook For Those Bigger Fish And The Hook Will Still Hook A 1 #er. So I'm Not Sure What The Solution Is.
  6. Swampy

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    The 1st circle hook I ever used was a 1/0. I landed a few C.cats in the 2-3# range and one 10# that night and the hook set in the corner of the mouth every time. So you can land a larger fish with a small C. hook. I mostly use 2/0 - 4/0 for C.cats beings I have landed a 19# on a 3/0 C hook I have no need to go any larger on hook size.
  7. Dnedster

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    A circle is a circle lol like all people are the same size LMAO. Really I started with circles was using #1 s caught most on the wiskers so now 3/0 is mt biggest unless I go 4 really bigs with live bait.
  8. IrishO'Brady

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    Actually if you didnt get a good hook point through usually going up helps - I use octopus in line circle #8 or Daiichi circle chunk light #7 a lot for blues and channels, have had no problems here. Don't miss many fish either.... although I occasionally put a hook near the eye also.
  9. photocat

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    For that size fish i usually use my 2/0's it'll hook a fish larger (up to about 15 or 20, then the lips get too thick for the gap of the hook) alot of times when i go out for playing with some eaters and such i'll even use size 1's and 1/0s because then i can fill it up with worms alot easier and not have to worry... I do get alot of the eye hooks when fishing 6/0's and up on the potomac and the little guys are biting, but doesn't seem to phase them at all... I have caught many multiples that were either missing an eye or had a funky eye and were 10+ lbs...
  10. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    Ive been using the 8/0 gamakatsu octopus circles for about 4 years and never had a channel swallow or get hooked by the eye. All have been hooked solid in the side of the mouth. Im not sure why the smaller size hooks are doing that, but I never use anything smaller than 8/0.
  11. neocats

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    I also started using circle hooks in 2005. I have noticed the same thing about the eye hooking, but have no idea why it happens.