Channel Cat Report Lake Lewisville

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by bobby-catfishing, Jan 7, 2008.

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    I took my daughter Abby out to Lewisville Saturday to do a little scouting and see what patterns are working best right now. Water temps were right around 47 degrees in most areas we fished. Our best bite was was 37' deep on the edge of a creek channel. We located a large concentration of bait and fish on the graph and managed to stay over them in this wind. We put out a little soured grain and almost immediately started catching eating size channel cats on Danny King's punch bait. The fish had no preferrence for the blood or original flavor. They hit both about the same. They hit just about as fast as you dropped the bait down within a foot of the bottom. The bite was really light at times. The smaller fish hit more agressive than the bigger fish. You knew you had a better fish on when the line just felt heavy. We finished with our 50 fish limit of 1 to 3 lb fish. We caught a lot of small fish today and probably through back 1 or 2 for every one we kept. It was great to spend the day fishing with my daughter. These are times that we'll both cherrish forever.
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    Nice channels!:big_smile:

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    Lewisville seems to have a bunch of eating size channels... and they sure seem to like Danny Kings.... I usually get some when I'm over at Hickory Creek Park right off the bank...