Changing out a Penn 209 clicker

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by cpalombo, Jun 6, 2007.

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    I have a Penn 209 and the clicker needs to be changed out. How do you seperate the clicker pawl from the clicker button. I did not see a screw - looks like the two are pressed together.

    I posted this thread yesterday and I could not find it today. Monerators, if you move this, please PM me so I know where to look. Eithne does that, and it is a real help for me when I follow up on all the good advice.

    THanks in advance.

  2. P. nasuta

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    Hi cpalombo,

    I have a 209 but have not needed to change the clicker. There is a saltwater board I visit, a lot of these guys use 209's and could probably help you. Go to the messageboard and post.

    Take Care,
    P. nasuta

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    Looks like they moved my response, too. Wonder where that went?
    Anyway, I have a 209 that needs a new click tongue as well. Haven't done it yet, but as far as I can tell, the best way to get the old one out would be to drill it out, if comfortable with such power tools. Start with small bit, holding click tongue in visegrips, to start a hole, then increase bit size till ya get em separated. I'm sure this will work, again haven't tried it myself. Would not, however, recommend prying or the like. The older click tongues weren't designed for ease of replacement, and prying will definitely crack the sideplate.
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