Changing out a Penn 209 clicker

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by cpalombo, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. cpalombo

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    I cracked open my Penn 209 as the clicker is worn. Everything in that reel is heald together with screws. However, the clicker pawl looks like it is pressed on. Not sure how to do it, but I need to seperate the clicker button from the pawl to change that pawl out.

    How do I change out the pawl? If I pry it off, I fear breaking the bake lite. Do you use a tiny gear puller???

  2. Davidsed505

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    I've got one I need to replace the click tongue on, but haven't yet. But I don't recommend prying. The safest bet (what I plan to do) is drill it out. Start with a small drill bit to get a small hole just started. Then go up a drill bit size or two. Might be safest to grip the tongue with vise grips for this. I don't believe the old clickers were designed with ease of removal in mind, so I'd be surprised if prying would work. If I do mine before you do yours, I'll let ya know how it goes.

  3. peewee williams

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    Many if not most of the old Penn reels had the "clicker" made into the side plate and you changed out the side plate to change the clicker.Make sure you will be able to replace it before you remove it as the attempt often destroys the side plate.You should be able to still order the side plate with clicker.Many just use them as is.Luck.I love you Brothers and sisters.peewee
  4. dex

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    You could give Penn a call or find a another side plate . Good luck
  5. Cornhusker

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    I looked into replacing one of those clickers a while back. I'm not sure I remember all the reasons I decided not to but I didn't attempt it.

    Before you do too much drilling, grinding or prying you might want to find out if you can get new parts. In fact it might be good to call someone like Penn or Scott's Baits and talk to them about how you do it.

    I chickened out LOL