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    Well after several phone calls the Edisto was either too shallow or a mainly nighttime limbline river so we are off to the 601 bridge on the Congaree. This will be our first trip there this year. I always catch big fish there but only 1 or 2 a trip. I'd like to get some better numbers. Has anyone been lately and got a decent report? I checked and the level is steady. Thanks to JAin for his Edisto help.
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    but not a whole lot of cat-fishing. We went down Friday afternoon and stayed til Monday but the only cat-fishing I did was a couple of hours on Sunday night. Caught a 15lb blue; a 6 lb flathead; and a 9lb flathead. Bite was good though. We missed a few more and broke 2 off. Otherwise, just bream fishing, swimming, riding, and hanging out with friends at camp. We had 21 people camping on one of the sandbars up stream Saturday night. Five guitarists, 2 percussionists, 21 vocalists, and all the liquid courage you could ask for made it one heck of a good time.

    Other fish of note included about 50 bream, 2 garfish, a mudfish, and a big carp on an ultralight. Loads of fun. Has anyone figured out a way to consistently hook a gar fish. If you were looking for some fun and gonna release the fish anyway, this seems like an overlooked opportunity. They are always biting and can actually be fun to catch given their sheer size.