Chain of Rocks

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by alton, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. alton

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    I am thinking about doing some bank fishing at the Chain of Rocks and was wondering if anyone has any info. Thanks
  2. slikk03

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    me right here dave, from what i hear it sucks,thats comming from the locals, now if you go north of there its better,but, if you want bait go down to that creek and cast out,all the boat guys say its a no go there, plus you dont even want to know what takes place there at night dave,lol, no joke i had a cop tell me,so you better have a gun if you go there at night, i think the best spot is across the rivver from louis and clark,theres a big sandbare near deep water,but its all gang members, but thats were tim pruit got that world record