Central Missouri Fishing!!!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by matthewjoel, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Hey guys kinda new here but not really just my first post is all and have noticed how kind everyone is at replying with the best knowledge they have when asked a question so thought id put one out there. Im from Moberly, MO about 35miles north of Columbia and am an avid catfisherman and wandered if anyone had any tips about fishing around here. We have a few good lakes but yet to produce any good cat's like Thomas Hill and Macon lake. Any tips for finding fish of if anyones fished from around here anything would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Cuz

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    DeSoto, MO
    Welcome to the BOC Matt. You should be able to find the information here. I primarily fish the Mississippi so I'm not much help. Good Luck. :cool:

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    Warner Rob ga
    Your in perfect location ,fih the mo. river ,if you dont have a boat you can still find alot of locations where you can walk out on the end of a dike and do good ,thats how i fish in the river when there is to much ice to get my boat in