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    Center Or Side Console Pro's and Cons
  2. jtrew

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    CC is designed to allow you to stand while running the boat so you can flex your knees to absorb the shock of hitting big waves. It's really the ticket for really rough water, but it takes up a lot more room than a side console. To give you an idea of the advantage of standing, while running 34 miles out from Santa Barbara in a 20'CC, I had no problems while standing, running the boat, but the guy with me was sitting in a fiberglass fishing chair, and when we hit one wave, it drove the pedistal through the bottom of the seat. Luckily, it was hollow, and didn't drive through both bottoms. We were running 12' swells with 4'-5' wind waves right behind them. The swells were no problem, but when we crested one, we would run right into a wind wave before the bow came back down.

  3. special liberty

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    I would say it depends on the size of the boat. I like having a CC on my 21' Carolina Skiff because I can fish all the way around the boat. On something smaller it might be in the way - but I like the idea of being able to fight a fish and land him anywhere in the boat without having to reach over a steering wheel.
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    I think I would prefer a CC, mainly because I'm handicapped, and I can get around fine if I have something to hang onto. Later Andy
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    Ihave a cc and if I was getting a new boat, It would be a cc,
    Have a River pro 17 something, probley call it a 18, but I like to be able to move, eather way. and dont see how it takes up anymore room a console is a console regardless where you put it, Ive got use to standing, when traveling,
    And like it I can see the water better, we have stumps and logs here and a few rock dikes,
    Get in the type of boat, your looking at, check both out.
  6. flatheadhunterx

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    South Carolina
    I have a 20 ft pontoon that the console was on the side. I moved it about 2 ft foward and to the center and it is alot nicer. when it was on the side you couldnt use that area and the middle of the boat always seemed to be open anyway. now with it in the center i can use the whole boat also makes it alot easier to load. feels like it opened the boat a whole lot more.
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    I would much rather stand when piloting a boat at speeds over no wake.
    Bassboats are probally one of the factors of my bad back.
    I'm sure it was a big aggravation factor.

    And as Tawn said. You can fish the whole boat. You fish around a boat instead of through it.
    Look no further then then some of the SKA boats (Southern Kingfish Association). Those boats are set up to fish and fight fish.

    A T-top is also a nice feature. Not a bimini but a T-top.
    You can get your depth finders up off the dash and in front of your face.
    You can get the rods up high above everyone's heads. Nobody is falling into them or stepping on them.
    T-top options are endless. You can utilize them in many ways.
  8. Terry Day

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    I prefer the CC. I have a 20' Polar Craft with the CC. I fish alone a lot and the CC allows me to have a balanced boat. As previously stated - I stand when operating the boat and it gives me greater visibility to spot items floating down the river in my direction. My two cents worth!
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    Center console just so you can fish AROUND the console and not over it if needed.

    I'm custom fitting my pontoon boat with a center console just for this reason.
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    If I ever get in the mood for another boat, it will definitely be a CC for reasons already given...:lol:

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    My 1960 Lowe Roughneck has a cc and I love it. When working jugs alone, it is great. As I can be in the front and just bump the throttle and pick up jugs. I know that is not the safe way, but when you are by yourself you improvise.
  12. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    I have a 17' Invader Reef Runner and a 24' SeaArk both center consoles, I wouldn't have another side console. I'm just spoiled with these I guess, it makes it easier to move around the boat.
  13. Pylodictis Olivaris

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    I've got a side console....but it is only on a 1648, I would like to go to a center console if I was to ever get a bigger boat like an 18 or 20', but for now it works good for my needs.