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    Well last night we set out to fish the waters spewing out of Cedar creek Dam. For those who are not familiar with this particular area it is the head water to Lake Wateree. Well first the night was disasterous. We had trouble after trouble. Lost the plug for the boat, cousin picked up the wrong gas tank for the Evinrude. Then left all of my rod holders on a hanger in my storage shed @ my house. Now let me explain how good friends can be. Good friend of mine was putting his boat in ahead of us and had an extra plug, had an extra connecter got the gas line and had 6 count them 6 extra rod holders. Well we got in the water went down stream to the 2 island and casted out in the water caught 4 big fish released 'em all. I did learn a valuable lesson though, always check to make sure that if someone goes with you that they grab the correct gear. Make a check list and go through it prior to leaving your house. Simple yet effective ways to make sure we have all of our "right stuff". Yall have a good one.
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    Good friends like that are hard to find. Glad it all worked out or you FF.