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Discussion in 'Carolina Catfish Club' started by Mac-b, Nov 22, 2007.

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    The Charlotte Observer reports that Phillip Price caught a thirtysix pound Ark. blue cat in the Catawba chain of lakes this past week. Way to go Bro. Mac
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    That is a nice fish on any lake. Way to go Phillip.

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    Have been fishing Norman when there is no/slight wind and MIL when wind is brisk and anchoring. Caught a 36 LB'er on MIL, and then last Sat. caught 6 blues at MIL that weighed in at 114 LB's. The largest was 34 LB's. Fishing rocky areas in 25-40 feet of water. The key was that I was usng skipjack herring that I have sealed from TN. Gizzard shad produced no fish. Many baits were mangled by white perch. The will pull a rod down like a blue cat and then it will pop back up. About 2 weeks ago caught 6 blues drfiting creeks on Lake Norman in 15-20 feet of water. Largest blue was 34 LB's, but most of the others at Norman were 5-15 Lb's. MIL blues are running at the high end 30's, but several it the 18-25 LB class. You will not catch alot at MIL lake, but I tend to catch more in the 15-30 LB class. I think Mac sent in the report to the newspaper, and I appreciate him doing that. I have not even tried to challenge the wind on either lake yesterday or today, and East winds tomm. all day. I quess I will be watching ball games.