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    well since mama done her flopp and kept me from speaking , i'll do it here

    what is cover verses structure
    for me cover is where a fish can go to hide from predators and can ambush prey such as tree tops ,hay bales or bamboo and docks and bridges

    structure is anything that is different about the natural order in the lake . such as a litttle hole , a ditch in the lake bed , the side of a steep drop ,old creek or river bed . i look for depth changes.
    when i go out for crappie i look for this type of structure because it seems to hold bait and i really target the bait and let the crappie come to me rather than just look for fish.

    lets start with the logic of fishing when the water is cold or hot
    if you think of it like this as the fall approaches the water temp in the lake starts to cool and even out and as this happens the shad in the lake can be found pretty much at all depths and just about everywhere in the lake . well if this is the case you would think it would be easier to target the fish but this means you have 90% of the fish scattered in 90% of the water :crazy: but as the water temp continues to drop the bait starts to school tighter and tighter and as this happens that means the predator fish start to get tighter and tighter with the bait.that means from dec-feb the water is at it's coldest and the bait is at it's deepest so now you have 90% of the bait and fish in 10% of the water :big_smile: so all you have to do is look for the deep water in just about any creek or cove ,usually near the mouth or bends and you will find fish that are eager to bite.
    this works in the dog days of summer also when the water temps hit there highest the bait retreats to the deep water and the fish follow

    now lets talk set up
    i fish at night in the winter and summer for crappie , i will use my sonar and look around in the creeks and just off points for bait schools and fish but for me the bait is more important, once i find a area that holds bait i will usually anchor on the deep side of the point or channell (no need for tree tops or any other cover ), the fish are usually staged from 10-30' over open water during the hot and cold times of year and are just waiting to feed. now the easy part i will drop 2-4 lights off the boat on the corners , i use the float and the type that is submersible they both work just fine . as for color, i use the regular clear type but some people prefer the green light , i have both and can't say one works better than the other . Now you just wait , sometimes the bite is almost immediate and sometimes it just takes time. don't give up to soon i have set in a hole without a bite for a hour then have all 10 rods with fish at once . the bait will collect around the light and you will see crappie and other fish running the bait through the light :crazy::crazy: i will start by putting out rods with minnows at all depths from the bottom to 2' from the top and when a pattern of bites form i will set them all at that depth, usually the crappie will be from 4-15' deep and the closer yo u get to the bottom the more perch you will catch. i have fished at night and it be 18 F and catch my limit of crappie in 30 min at just 2 foot deep over 30' water .

    i use ultra light rods from 6'-10' in length spooled with 8lb Ande line .
    the way i rig it is i put a single gold or red hook at the end with a 1/16oz splitt shot about 12" above the hook, and i have the ends of my rods painted white so they are easier to see at night with minimal light.
    i may use upto 12 rods at a time but when a school of fish hits it is hard to fish 2 so hold on and enjoy

    sorry for the spelling and punctuation mistakes but when i was supposed to be in class i was probably fishing :big_smile:, i know i left out alot but if you have any ???? just ask i will go over trolling for them next time i use the same set up i use for crappie just a few little tweeks :wink:
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    Very good post Jeff,very informative to those who are not familiar with the Nightstalking of crappie/perch.I miss not doing it as much as Jeff and I used to do it on Wylie.:sad2:
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    Thanks for the post bowlerman. That was very informative.
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    Thanks for the post bowlerman.:big_smile: