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    Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Seagull Pier - Sunday September 6th to Friday September 11th.

    Sunday September 6th saw a 60 pound 60 inch Cobia caught. It was a 35 minute fight to get him in, and it took 3 gaffs to get him out of the water, but he was decked and taken to be measured and weighed so that the angler could get a citation for it. Congratulations to the angler. It was his first cobia after fishing for them all this summer and part of last summer. He was quite gracious and gave away a very good portion of the meat to fellow anglers who helped him get his fish in the pier. Two keeper size flounder were caught (one a hair above 19 inches, and one around 19.5). They were caught on minnows. Skates and a cow nose string ray were caught that evening, and a few small dogfish sharks were caught that night.

    Monday night through Thursday night there was a bad Nor' Easter type storm blowing. I did not personally fish on these days nor did I have any good friends fishing, and all the second and third hand reports I have heard was of meager fishing with only spot and croaker being caught on occasion.

    Friday morning the wind was still blowing at 20-25mph and it was overcast, but it died down to about 5-7mph by the evening with a nice sunset. Spot action was decent during the morning, but quickly died down during the afternoon. A 23 inch 8.5 pound black drum was caught off the end of the pier at about 5:30pm. It was caught on a high-low bottom rig (with squid strips for bait) on a 7ft. 2 piece rod and a spinner reel. The angler was fishing straight off the front of the pier for spot and croaker to use for bait, and didn't even notice his rod jumping. When the drum took the bait, he took it around the right corner of the pier, and the anglers line was caught in the wood. This put all the line pressure on the wood of the pier and not on the rod. The fish was probably on there for a minute or two before the angler noticed that his line was taken around the corner, and started to reel in what he thought was a skate or string ray. Once the fish surfaced he thought it might be a huge sheepshead due to the vertical stripes on it, but after hand-lining the fish onto the pier he realized it was a juvenile black drum (puppy drum). It was about 23.4 inches long, and weighed 8.5 pounds. That evening a good size southern ray was hooked into by a shark fisherman, and he purposely snapped his line after getting the ray onto the surface and close to the pier. The ray was every bit of 3 ft. wide.

    Thus concluded this weeks fishing on the CBBT. I'm sure there could have been a few catches that I missed, like some other puppy drum or some sheepshead caught near the front of the pier. I'm sure overnight people caught quite a few dogfish sharks on Friday, but my friend left the pier in the evening and didn't stay all night like he sometimes does.