CAUTION!!!! Prepare for fishing the heat

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    Hey folks,

    I just wanted to post a few tips for fishing in this heat. This is my favorite time of year to fish and I fish 100% during the day. Over the years I have learned to stay pretty comfortable even in the heat. To give you an idea of the conditions I'm talking about, today, the temp is predicted to reach 100. The next two days right at 105 the humidity is right at 80% and the heat index will be well over the 105 mark. So if you're going out on the lake or river, go prepaired. Things to do:

    Freeze several bottles of water and place them in a good cooler.

    Take your favorite soft drink but avoid any adult beverages in this heat.

    Drink Plent of fluid while on the water.

    Wear clothing to help keep you cool. Light colored shorts and shirt.

    Apply sunscreen of at least a 30 value and apply often

    Take a couple of towls to cover your legs.

    Towls can also be dipped in the river or lake, then swing them over your head to get a cooling effect to the towl and drape the towl over your legs and shoulders. Really cools you off.

    Devise sometype of shade such as an umbrella in your boat to avoid direct sunlight.

    If you get real hot, pull into a sandbar and get in the river. Don't dry off, just get back in the boat and resume fishing. You'll by dry before you are ready to leave.

    Fish early morning from say daylight until around 10:30 am to avoid the middle of the day heat.

    Above all else, keep plenty of cool water and drink often.

    Wear good sunglasses. Protect your eyes from UV rays.

    Wear a wide breamed hat made of straw. Dip the hat in the water to keep your head cool.

    Just a few tips to help you continue to fish and protect yourself.
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    Excellent tips. Those go for any activity in this heat.

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    Thanks for the info!!!
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    Great tips! Also remember that you can also prehydrate the day before. Be sure to load up on water and/or sports drinks. By the time most people realize they are thirstly, they are already dehydrated.
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    for proper hydration it is hard to beat the military maxim: If you don't have to P, you need to drink more fluids!

    I prefer Gatorade in the heat, to help maintain proper mineral levels. Remember, soda ( or any caffeinated drink) has a diuretic in it, and will actually help dehydrate you.
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    bald knob,
    hey terry,thanks for the tips. im still soaking up the a/c and still waiting on that motor. looks like another week. robbie
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    We can call this thread, "Terry's Tips". Seriously, thank for the tips.