Caught some new friends at St. Vincent Lake

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    Well after a very tiring week of my new job, I finally got to go out fishing today. Even though I really wanted to catch a catfish, we weren't willing to travel more than 30 minutes to get to the river with gas prices the way they are and me having to go to bed so early tonight. So, John and I first tried going to Donegal Lake which we had never fished before but everyone and his/her brother had decided to fish there today and bank fishing spots were scare to begin it was off to St. Vincent Lake.

    Now we'd made 3 trips to this lake before today but had never even gotten a bite. But the constant presence of fishermen and the warming temperatures told us not to give up. Today was obviously my lucky day cause I caught two bluegill. I know they're not catfish, but I didn't really care. Any fish would have made me happy today. :tounge_out: The two rods John had out for catfish got nothing, poor him, but I was the smart one going for something else.

    You have to understand that these are the first two fish I've caught since starting to fish again last year so I was thrilled. We've already started planning our trip out to the city next weekend to use our new bait. Now I've got to catch a catfish. :lol:

    What was really kind of interesting was that this was a last minute decision, so I didn't really have any worms or Power Bait or anything meant to catch bluegill. I instead used my Magic Bait Premo Vanilla Carp Bait that I won last summer from the BOC giveaway and it worked really well. Should change the title to "Carp, Catfish, and Bluegill Bait"! LOL

    Anyway, here's a few picutres of my new friends. There's one of me with the first bluegill, the two of them in their new temporary home, and one of the mama duck and ducklings who hung out with us at the lake.

    Oh, and I did name them. They had such personality, fighting with each other in the cooler, that I dubbed them Paul and Eric. It just fit, sorry guys. :big_smile:

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  2. Dreadnaught

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    Fishing is fishing no matter what you catch, It's all about having fun and you accomplished that Kris!!! WTG you got bait now, LOL!!!

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    I'm guessing she didn't have to kiss her's JW!!!!:tounge_out:

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    Kristine did a fantastic job with the fishing today, and I am incredibly proud of her. She was so very excited and was really cute jumping up and down and all.

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    Congrats on your first catch, now the only way to go is up.
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    What I bunderstand from that post is you caught those two bluegill and are going to use them for bait. My suggestion is to not put them in an aquarium (especially with other fish because wild fish carry lots of diseases). I would not name them either. You will not be able to use them for bait next weekend. I had two nice sized goldfish and put them in my bait tank. My little sister named them and I had them in there for 2 weeks. She loved those goldfish. Well the time came and I took them out to use for bait. I felt like i was tom hanks in The Green Mile :). I went to put one on and coudln't do it. I had to let them go.
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    ahhh, but with the names she gave them, well, she'll be ready to stick a hook in them, maybe even fillet one of them.